SiXDEVICE™ easily and quickly sets the sensory system free from the strict boundaries and compensation for a global well-being.


SiXDEVICE™ is registered with the Italian Ministry of Health (Y210399)

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The Device is the subject of the following patents: Italian IT1422004 – United States US10126565B2 – European EP3100104B1

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The 20/20 stereotype

A perfect visual acuity isn’t enough to ensure that vision system is harmonious; a possible interference of the latter may negatively influence the global well-being and behaviour.

Concepts development: from structure to sensory

Visual harmony can affect awareness and the sensory system creating a perceptual opening, information integration and functional organization. It affects movement system, balance, relationship with space, self-image, thought process and decision making skills.

Associated Symptoms

The outbreak of symptomatic elements (discomforts) highlights the attempt of the system to achieve results to the detriment of compensation exceeding one’s physiological capacity thereby altering the state of freedom, balance and efficiency. The emerging difficulties have “visual characteristics”, often accompanied by “associated discomforts” generally not related to the system perceptual closure.

Visual discomfort
  • tired eyes;
  • eye fatigue during daily activity;
  • slow and tiring reading;
  • visual quality worsening during or at the end of the day;
  • trouble in holding visual effort at near-intermediate distance.
Associated discomforts
  • headache;
  • discomfort and tiredness;
  • poor eye coordination and efficiency;
  • attention and concentration problems;
  • distance and spatial awareness difficulties;
  • “tunnel” vision with shortening of environmental awareness;
  • imbalance, nausea and uncertainty of movement or in the event of visual dynamic stimulation;
  • attitude of closure;
  • altered freedom of neck-shoulder movements and mandibular opening.


Visual and sensory balance

The protocol has a legitimate and organized avenue of investigation, where the attention isn’t drawn on visual acuity but on the functionality of the sensory system to which the functions and visual acuity itself react. It aims to obtain balance in the clear relationship among visual harmony, sensory opening, freedom and easiness of movements.


Perceptual harmony

SiXDEVICE™ is a tool that works from the visual system to the general one and can be used as access key to harmonize the proprioception (self-centered) with the perception (allocentric) and organises the motor functions through the visual system.

Why should you use SiXDEVICE™?
It is an essential trigger for the body freedom which can be used as access key through the visual system to become aware of the “instruments” that the system has got to reach integration.
Sensory integration
Improve your conditions
Through sensory integration it makes the motor functions more available with better quality and less energy expenditure (homeostasis), resulting in an improved environmental interpretation compared to the system allocentric and self-centered response to stimulation.
Improving muscular strength
A new balance
It minimizes the patho-biomechanical influence of the common compensation pattern, of the twisting motion and its regular influence on the craniocervical-mandibular, thorax-abdominal and lumbar-pelvic-femoral complexes, as described by Ross Pope. The tested subjects show an instant improvement of the muscular strength of the flexor and extensor systems, of balance and space awareness.
Flexion and opening
Better breathing
It enhance the flexion of the system and its opening. This allows to change the diaphragmatic breathing from postural to respiratory action, restoring the applying region (thorax flexion). The specialist can report an immediate improvement in the range of motion (ROM), of the torso and extremities, as well as that of the TMJ.
An innovative approach satisfying our customers
I first got to know about SiXDEVICE™ thanks to my trusted osteopath, when during a session with my daughter he found out problems in the neck muscles linked to the visual system. We went through an assessment in a Specialised Centre resulting that her postural problem was caused by her sight which was affected by the wrong position my daughter had while writing. Since when she has been wearing SiXDEVICE™, the postural condition and other problems like the curved spine (my daughter is tall and thin) have greatly improved.
Elvio and Gaia
60 and 15 years old (Brescia, Italy)
I met Mr. Grassi and his SiXDEVICE™ some years ago, thanks to my physiotherapist. After a while, I noticed significant improvements especially in the daily activities. It’s been 7 years since I first met him and now I can say that I’ve made tremendous strides and I’ve got no more backache and a better posture. I’ve regained nearly 4 dioptres visually, which is unbelievable if I think of the past. I’m grateful for the amazing job done in these years.
42 years old (Brescia, Italy)

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